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Have resolutions, will travel

However, if you are stuck for ideas for your New Year travel resolutions, perhaps this poem by Lena Hunt Mabra will provide some much needed inspiration.

Five tips for writing an engaging travel blog (one people want to read)

Writing a travel blog is an easy and fun way to share your travel experiences with the rest of the world. Here are a few tips to help you get it right.

One life to live

Fortunate to have enjoyed a challenging and fulfilling career and family life, Christine felt it was time to take a career break.

Travel the world with English

Teaching English can be your passport to travel and work around the world. Jennifer, an experienced English as a foriegn language teacher shares her first hand advice and experiences from teaching in Italy, Turkey and Spain.

No going back - a long life on the road

On her death bed Deneice made a vow to take a year off and travel. Little did she know she would still be travelling eight years later.

Travelling with a purpose to Malawi

Did a short term volunteering assignment give Nikki the holiday of a lifetime, the chance to make a difference, and change her view of the world?

Food for thought: learning to cook in Thailand

It is said that travel broadens the mind. In Cheryl's case, travel to Thailand broadened her waistline, as well as improving her cooking ability.

The Surprising Teaching Assignment by Jackie Webb

Solo traveller, Jackie, set off to Cambodia without an itinerary, on the look out for uneventful trip; however, life had other plans.

The Double Life

For those of us who craving a drifter’s life.

Successful volunteering abroad

The best volunteers are those who are not only sensitive to other people's points of view and cultures, but who are also adaptable, flexible and cope well with frustration. Follow these tips and you will be one of them.

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