Five tips for writing an engaging travel blog (one people want to read)

Ola Fagbohun

Writing a travel blog is an easy and fun way to share your travel experiences with the rest of the world. Here are a few tips to help you get it right.

Blogs are a great way to use the immense reach of the web to interact with other travellers. You can use a blog to quickly tell readers about your travels, about the destinations you have visited, and the sites you have seen.

Make your travel blog interesting to you and your readersWhy blog at all?

There are many benefits of keeping a travel blog, but I am not going to go over them, that's another article, the one I want to ficus on is that they are instantaneous; once you have posted content your readers will be able to read about your travels, see your photos, and find out what is on your mind. You can also add photos and videos to blogs, which alongside your writing will help to build a wonderful picture, for the reader of the places you have been.

Your blog can be a structured on-line diary of your travels, on a particular city, country or subject that interests you, or you have been to, or in fact on anything travel related that is on your mind. The sky really is the limit.

But be careful, as blogs are interactive, whatever you write about, will leave you open to feedback or comments from readers, and not all will be positive. But the great plus is, you can promote yourself and your writing, because readers can forward your content on to others, via email nd the social media networks. If you are lucky your travel blog could turn you into a publishing success. 

But that will not come overnight, it takes perseverance and content people want to read. Writing and maintaining a good travel blog, is more than dumping your travel notes and / or diary. Believe me it is a hard slog to get and keep, even a few 100 readers a month, that drop by and are engaged with your content. 

So what can you do?

Building your blog readership is hard, especiallty when you are starting out. Whislt traying to do the same, I spoke to seasoned bloggers and obtained their advice, advice I will share with you in this article. I've found them essential in the fight to capture the attention of the fickle on-line reader. These tips are just the tip of the iceberg, but should help you make your blog, attention-grabbing, well-crafted and entertaining; all things vital in attracting and keeping readers captivated.

1. Say it as you see it – Blogs tend to be quite opinionated, so feel free to state your own opinions on a destination or attraction. Blogs are a collection of thoughts so feel free to tell your reader exactly what you are thinking about your trips.

2. Don't be selfish - Starting each sentence with I did, this, I did that, screams look at me, aren't I wonderful. Just because you are writing about your travels, doesn't mean you can bore us with the unedited ramblings from your travel diary. People read travel blogs because they want to travel with you, not as you. So ditch the detailed, day-by-day approach, and instead share with us what you saw, smelled, touched, heard and tasted. Let us feel the dry hot sand underfoot, or the chill of the wind as it licked your nose. So, my dear blogger, let's have more show and less tell.

3. Please be succinct – There is really nothing worst than a tedious and rambling blog post that has no point. Write like this and you will drive away your cherished readers, straight in to the blog space of someone else. So keep your sentences short and your messages punchy. While most blog posts tend to run to a maximum of 500 words, don't let that stem your flow. Break up text with photos and / or video. But please, whatever you do, make your words work for you, not against you.

4. Link away – Peppering your blog with relevant links, to other travel sites, is a great way to get interest and generate traffic, especially if it leads to a reciprocal link. For example, if you are writing about Barcelona, then include a link to that city’s official tourism website.

5. Get visual – Use different fonts and colours for headlines, subheadings and any other points of interest within your blog. Try out different styles of bullets and numbering to make it easy for people to scan your blog. Chuck in a few photos and videos, preferably yours, that are related to your travel topic, so the reader can see where you went and what you did. If you don't have your own images, make sure you check the copyright before adding images to your blog posts. After all , I'm sure you wouldn't want someone to use your photos and not give you credit - that's stealing.

Blogging about your travels is an easy, cheap and fun way to keep a record of your adventures, share your trips with others, and kick-start a writing career.  Put all of the above into action, and watch your blog come alive.

If you have a travel blog, please share it with us, and the lessons you have learned while running it.